CDSC Registrars offers a complete suite of share registry services. With our state-of-the-art share registry system, we are able to handle any size of register with varied complexities while ensuring shareholder data security.

CDSC Registrars will perform registry services highlighted below;

  1. Register Maintenance

This is the core role of a registrar which entails overall management of the share register. The main services offered include:

  • Handling shareholder queries and shareholder correspondence
  • Verification of shareholder instruction and deceased estate documents
  • Maintain an updated database of shares held.
  • Maintenance of static details for shareholders
  • Transfer of securities to beneficiaries especially for shareholders who still hold certificates
  • Maintaining Full share register details
  • Securities Transfer, Registration, printing of share certificates and disbursements
  • Administration of off-market registration
  • Promptly responding to shareholder queries and correspondence
  • Management of controls of ownership level
  • Proper maintenance of all records and documents relating to the register

2. Administration Of AGM/EGM And Annual Report Dispatch

We carry out the services of organizing and executing the Annual General Meetings &/or Extraordinary General Meetings.

Our role entails the following:

  • Advising on the required facilities
  • Compilation of proxies list
  • Preparation of the event venue
  • Verification and registration of shareholders as they walk in to the event venue
  • Providing quorum figures
  • Handling shareholder query resolution at the event venue
  • In the event of a vote being taken during the AGM or EGM, we prepare and avail the voting material (ballot papers & ballot boxes) and manage the exercise to the point of handing over to the auditors for counting
  • Providing the List of attendance

3. Dividend Reconciliation

  •  Reconciliation of divided amounts with bank account.
  • Generate refund file for excess applications
  • Facilitate transfer of bank account balance to the issuer.
  • Facilitate closure of the bank account
  • Identify Bounced EFT
  • Provide pending dividends to issuer every month
  • Provide pending dividend for purpose of filling with UFAA
  • Identify unmatched items on bank statements
  • Issuance of replacement cheques

4. Shareholder Services (Call Centre And Customer Service)

  • We play the key role of facilitating all shareholder services. We have a team of dedicated staff who respond promptly to all shareholder queries. We have a dedicated email address and we ensure that all emails are responded to on a daily basis.
  • We also have a customer queries log where all queries are recorded and followed up until they are closed within specified timelines.

5. Reporting

  • Apart from the shareholder/issuer interface, we play the key role of regulatory reporting on register issues to the relevant regulatory authorities such as Capital Markets Authority and the Securities Exchange. We report and submit withholding tax to the revenue authority, file annual returns list with the registrar of companies after the AGM as well as monthly reporting on the register to the Issuer.
  • We also submit regular reports to the issuer as agreed on various aspects of the register.
  • We handle distribution of annual reports, notices and other company correspondence to the shareholders.
  • We provide Unclaimed Financial Assets Report to our issuer with regards to dividend.

6. Document Management

  • We scan all documents that are received and archive them using our document management system. This ensures that copies of all documents are easily accessible when required. The hard copies are also filed and stored in filing cabinets.

7. Data Upload

  • Preparing of upload file
  • Provide an electronic upload file to CDS for crediting of CDS accounts. This file will be securely exchanged between the 2 parties, by way of encryption, to avoid possible manipulation.