What Is a Business Capability Statement

The statement of capabilities is pretty much a resume for your company. When you make your declaration of ability, you want to bring it out of the crowd. Here are some tips: Another good tip? Talk to your past clients! Ask them why they chose you over others and include these reasons in your statement of ability. Without this item, it is almost impossible for a government buyer or prime contractor to make a clear decision. Surprisingly, many companies fail to include this critical section in their capacity statement. So, if you only highlight your distinctive features, you will already stand out from the competition! How quickly and concisely could you explain what your business does or, more importantly, what you can do for customers? A competency statement describes what you can offer potential customers and includes the essential details to help them decide if they want to do business with you. It can also be used to open doors to new suppliers or to be included in tender documents. For more instructions on how to complete a function instruction and a DIY template, see our guide to developing a function instruction. We will discuss each of these parts in more detail later in this guide. Consider a capability statement as one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote your business to government buyers and prime contractors.

It`s like having an elevator pitch that you can distribute right away. Here`s a look at what a competency statement is and how to create your own. This section of your company`s capacity statement is pretty simple, but it has a few different subsections. You should include your company`s: one size fits all; The information you provide depends on the complexity of your business, your target audience, and where you want to use the statement. Remember, you are not the only one in this game. There is a lot of competition. The key is to constantly monitor what your competitors are offering – what would prompt the government to hire them through you? What can you change to give your business an edge over your competitors? This is not the time to be lazy or sloppy – you need to highlight all the greatest qualities of your business through your competency statement. And while it`s good to have a general skills statement, you should also consider creating a new document for each agency, bonus, or team opportunity.

In this way, each competency statement is tailored with all the unique information it needs for that particular opportunity. You should really take the time to make sure your competency statement is perfect. These are short statements that combine your company`s capabilities with the requirements of the respective authority and usually come in the form of bullets. It is important to note that this section should not describe everything your business has to offer, but only what is relevant to the agency it receives. Choose from four different template styles to create your competency statement. Use the editable TargetGov capacity declaration template to make sure you have included all the information the government is looking for. This template will help you meet the length guidelines. When you are finished, you will have a document to present to government officials. This easy-to-use template is based on Word. You can easily replace the prompts with your own information. You can change colors and graphics to match the look of your business.

TargetGov`s exclusive advice will keep you informed. To order, click on your preferred template style. They are available for immediate download. Offers are often placed either by price or by a combination of value and past performance. In this section of your company`s performance status, you should identify all federal, state, and/or local contracts, as well as all private/commercial contracts of similar scope, scope, and complexity. Any evidence of past performance will surely set you apart from your competitors. A well-written statement of capability opens the door to contracting opportunities within the federal government and sets you apart from your competitors. It`s worth dedicating time and effort to make sure it`s done right. Contact your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) for sample statements, checklists, exams, and tips. GVCs are a great free resource! Log in to north Dakota`s GVWR under www.ndptac.org.

Other PTACS may www.aptac-us.org This is the key if you don`t want to appear as a jack-of-all-trades and a master of nothing. Your audience wants to know that your business is authentic, authentic, reliable, and trustworthy. Creating an engaging and informative explanation of skills can certainly highlight all of your company`s greatest assets. .